The Times: Selene Nelson picks her favourite vegan destinations

For years a fringe movement, veganism has now hurtled into the mainstream, with recent research suggesting there are as many as 3.5m of us in the UK. While the merits and ethics of veganism remain divisive (and don’t I know it!), there’s no doubting that it has become big business. Plant-based restaurants, shops, festivals and organisations are popping up all over the world, catering as much to vegan travellers as to locals. Having travelled extensively as a vegan, I can attest to the growing number of specialist itineraries — and to the growing acceptance.

My Mother, the Psychopath: One Woman's Story of Abuse

Psychopathy is so hot right now—or so popular culture would have you believe. In the past 15 years, public awareness of psychopathy has rocketed. From the lethal-yet-likeable serial killer we saw in Dexter to the now-iconic Patrick Bateman of American Psycho, it seems both the media and public are drawn to the image of the “elite psychopath.” The popularity of the elite psychopath trope has preserved the idea that psychopaths are almost a kind of anti-hero; they are crafty, attractive, charming savants, always one step ahead. But the reality of psychopathy is far from glamorous.

ThinkProgress: How It Feels To Kill 62 People

When it comes to capital punishment, we already know the fiscal cost: studies have found that a death sentence is up to ten times more expensive than life without parole, often at a cost of around $300 million per head. But what about the moral cost? The death penalty is often justified on the grounds that it brings peace to the families of victims; that the act of ending a life may mark an end to their pain. But for those who impose the death penalty, the truth about the emotional trauma of killing another human being belies this logic. “You can’t tell me I can take the life of people and be normal. It took a lot out of me to do it.”

Where To Eat Vegan Food In New York City Right Now

In recent years, even the most ardent meat-lovers would find it hard to ignore the rise of veganism. The most recent research estimates that six percent of Americans now follow a vegan diet — a staggering increase of 600% in just three years. While the idea that vegans just eat salad prevails among some, the notion that you can eat healthfully and deliciously without animal products is catching on. The Big Apple is a great place to discover how versatile a vegan diet can be. Where should you eat vegan food in New York City? Just about anywhere!

48 Hours In Barcelona: A Weekend Break Itinerary

Barcelona is a city that you could spend a month in and barely skim the surface. Despite being Spain’s second city, it’s the undisputed number one when it comes to culture, cuisine, drinking, style and electric energy – and there’s certainly no shortage of comprehensive city guides that prove it. But how can time-poor travellers maximise on the abundance of treats offered by this popular destination in two short days? Here’s our streamlined, time-savvy guide to Barca’s essentials – with a smattering of new and offbeat openings thrown in for good measure.

48 hours in Vienna | Town & Country Magazine UK

Consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in, Vienna enchants from the moment you arrive. Known around the world for its culture – in particular its music and art – the Austrian capital is packed with excellent restaurants, beautiful museums, artisan boutiques and innumerable cafés and coffee shops. From the cobbled complex of the MuseumsQuartier to trendy districts that come alive at night, here’s where to stay, what to eat and what to do in this stately, historic city.

The Independent: What I Learned From Pitching WAITROSE Food

Last week, I pitched an article to my favourite food magazine. Inspired by Waitrose’s announcement that plant-based sales had soared 85 per cent, I emailed Waitrose Food‘s editor, William Sitwell, about a new series on vegan food: plant-based recipes, tips from vegan chefs, new ways of cooking with new ingredients. This series wouldn’t just appeal to vegans, I wrote, but anyone looking to eat more healthily and sustainably. The email was sent in a professional capacity, to the email address Sitwell publicises on his website – not, as claimed, a “private email”.

We Need To Talk About Johnny Depp

Last week at Glastonbury Johnny Depp flippantly suggested assassinating President Donald Trump. The media erupted. The backlash was quick; so was Depp's apology. But, tasteless jokes aside, this outraged reaction concealed some other significant news. Last year Depp's ex-wife Amber Heard filed for divorce on the grounds of domestic violence, citing multiple incidents of intense anger and violent outbursts. "I am extremely afraid of Johnny and for my safety," Heard claimed in court documents. "He is often paranoid and his temper is exceptionally scary for me."

Mission Impossible: How A Vegan Burger Is Changing The World

Even for the most ardent meat-eaters, the recent growth of the vegan movement has been hard to ignore. The US has seen a 600% rise in veganism since 2014, while in the UK it’s a little lower – a ‘humble’ . But for many people, no matter how much they respect the principles of a plant-based diet, the idea of giving up a big, juicy burger remains inconceivable. Enter the Impossible Burger – a patty that looks, smells, tastes, feels and even ‘bleeds’ like a classic beef burger… with one major difference. It’s made entirely out of plants.

Inside China Poblano: East Meets West in Las Vegas

Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen in most American cities, and Las Vegas is no exception. In and around the famous Strip are a peppering of taco joints and burrito bars, most serving up the usual fare. But as with most things, the City of Sin has taken Mexican food one step further. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has no less than 17 restaurants, so deciding where to eat is a test for any visitor. I had my heart set on guacamole and tacos, but The Cosmopolitan had bigger ideas. What’s the only thing better than Mexican food? Mexican and Chinese food.

48 hours in Lisbon | Town & Country Magazine UK

Sprawled over seven hills above the shimmering River Tagus, Lisbon is one of the most captivating cities on the continent. One minute you can be ambling along narrow, cobbled streets, the next sipping sangria in a rooftop bar. Merging gothic buildings, colonial history, excellent food and raucous nightlife – not to mention the friendly, family-oriented locals – Lisbon is a city you can’t help but fall in love with. Here’s where to stay, what to eat and what to do in the buzzing Portuguese capital.

“I executed 62 people. I’m sorry”: An executioner turned death-penalty opponent tells all

They say you can’t put a price on life, but what about death? Earlier this year I spoke to Jerry Givens, a former state executioner turned death penalty abolitionist. He told me that for people who carry out the death penalty, the real, enduring cost is emotional. “If I had known what I’d have to go through as an executioner, I wouldn’t have done it. It took a lot out of me to do it. You can’t tell me I can take the life of people and go home and be normal.”

Cultural Explainers: Who Are Guatemala's Garifuna People?

When you think of Guatemala, a few things usually come to mind: the Mayan culture, colonial Antigua, smoke-spewing volcanoes and mysterious lakes. But if you head to an eastern part of the country, it’s like entering a new world. Instead of traditional marimba music you’ll hear African drumming and melodies; instead of cowboy hats, leather boots and traditional woven garments, locals wear dreadlocks and flip-flops. This is Livingston, home of Guatemala’s Garifuna people.

City Guide: Arequipa, Peru

Shadowed by three dramatic volcanoes, Arequipa’s setting is about as glorious as you can get. Much smaller than Lima and far less touristy than Cusco, Peru’s second-largest city has just as much cultural significance – and arguably considerably more beauty. Arequipa’s centre gained UNESCO World Heritage status in 2000, and the city’s vistas, with the El Misti volcano looming behind, are magnificent. Arequipa’s white baroque buildings give the centre a grand and markedly European flavour, and due to the low altitude and the near-constant blue skies, Arequipa is a delight to explore.

48 hours in Bath | Town & Country Magazine UK

Where to stay, dine and shop in the historic Georgian town Set on the southernmost edge of the Cotswolds, little over an hour by train from London, Bath is the ideal spot for a weekend break. Long famous for its natural hot springs and classically grand architecture, Bath today is a pretty juxtaposition of old and new. Sweeping Georgian crescents, ancient cobbled streets and carved stone angels sit alongside trendy restaurants, independent boutiques and state-of-the-art spas. Here’s where to stay, eat and what to do.

The Whistle Stop Food Guide To Bangkok

Bangkok is paradise for a food lover. You can't cross a street without the aroma of frying garlic and chillies drawing you in, or smoke pouring from a street grill hitting your nose. Everywhere you go there's a new temptation, whether it's spicy papaya salad, fragrant coconut milk curry or traditional roti pancakes sizzling away. You could spend weeks wandering these chaotic streets and barely scratch the culinary surface of this city, but many people only spend a few days in Bangkok. If you're

A Solo Traveler's Guide to Guatemala City

Guatemala’s beauty and culture have long made it a popular destination, and touristy places like Antigua, Lake Atitlan and Flores are common stop-offs for solo travelers. Guatemala City is a different matter altogether. Its sheer size and much-debated crime rate deter many independent travellers from visiting, but with the right know-how there’s no reason to skip the capital. Here’s the solo traveler’s guide to Guatemala City.

Havana, Cuba: Ten Things to Know Before You Go

Havana is the strangest, most fascinating city you can imagine. Raw, tropical, vibrant and energetic, Havana is alive with an energy and spirit that pervades its entire culture. It's a city of stark juxtaposition, where magnificent colonial squares sit alongside decayed and crumbling buildings, and classic American cars blast out the latest reggaeton music. Havana must be seen and experienced to be believed, but if you're thinking of heading to this exotic island, here are ten things to know before you go.

City Guide: Cusco, Peru

Deep in a highland valley in the South American Andes is the city of Cusco, Peru’s most popular travel destination. Once the beating heart of the mighty Incan Empire, today Cusco is a launchpad for tourists to explore the historic villages and relics of the Sacred Valley, most notably the “lost” city of Machu Picchu. But while the area surrounding Cusco offers a dizzying array of cultural excursions, treks and outdoor activities, the city itself is a joy to discover. Designed by the Incas in the shape of a puma, at Cusco’s centre is the Plaza de Armas, around which labyrinths of colourful cobbled streets beckon for exploration.
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