Inside The Siam, Bangkok's Most Beautiful Hotel

Writers are often prone to hyperbole, but it's no exaggeration to say that The Siam is Bangkok's best hotel. Rated number one on TripAdvisor, The Siam sits in prime position along the Chao Praya River and provides the perfect blend of antique allure and contemporary comfort. Setting foot in this 39-room luxury retreat is like stepping back into a bygone era. The cool, shady building offers respite from the sultry Bangkok heat, and its refined, serene elegance bestow a breather from bustling dow

48 Hours In Barcelona: A Weekend Break Itinerary

Barcelona is a city that you could spend a month in and barely skim the surface. Despite being Spain’s second city, it’s number one when it comes to culture, cuisine, drinking, style and electric energy – and there’s certainly no shortage of city guides that prove it. But how can travellers maximise on the abundance of treats offered by this popular destination in two days? Here’s our time-savvy guide to Barca’s essentials – with a smattering of new and offbeat openings thrown in for good measure.

Where To Eat Vegan Food In New York City Right Now

In recent years, even the most ardent meat-lovers would find it hard to ignore the rise of veganism. The most recent research estimates that six percent of Americans now follow a vegan diet — a staggering increase of 600% in just three years. While the idea that vegans just eat salad prevails among some, the notion that you can eat healthfully and deliciously without animal products is catching on. The Big Apple is a great place to discover how versatile a vegan diet can be.

City Guide: Cusco, Peru

Deep in a highland valley in the South American Andes is the city of Cusco, Peru’s most popular travel destination. Once the beating heart of the mighty Incan Empire, today Cusco is a launchpad for tourists to explore the historic villages and relics of the Sacred Valley, most notably the “lost” city of Machu Picchu. But while the area surrounding Cusco offers a dizzying array of cultural excursions, treks and outdoor activities, the city itself is a joy to discover. Designed by the Incas in the shape of a puma, at Cusco’s centre is the Plaza de Armas, around which labyrinths of colourful cobbled streets beckon for exploration.

Three of the Best Hotels for a Quintessentially English Break

After spending the past 18 months travelling the world, it’s time to get to know my home country a bit better. From the wild North Yorkshire moors to the rolling Sussex Downs, I searched far and wide for the hotels that capture what’s best about this green and pleasant land. Here are my top three hotels for a quintessentially English break. Deep in the North Yorkshire dales, set in 250 acres of forested parkland bordering the moors, is the Swinton Park Estate. As you drive through wrought-iron

Hotel Review: The Bell at Skenfrith, Monmouthshire in South Wales

There are times when you just need to get away from it all – to leave the hustle and bustle of city life and escape to wooded hills, river-wrapped valleys and historic country hotels. If that sounds tempting, The Bell at Skenfrith might be for you. This award-winning boutique hotel, perched on the banks of the River Monnow in South Wales, has been a coaching inn for over 300 years, but these days it’s the ideal blend of rural respite, absorbing history and, of course, country luxury. Here’s how

“I executed 62 people. I’m sorry”: An executioner turned death-penalty opponent tells all

They say you can’t put a price on life, but what about death? Earlier this year I spoke to Jerry Givens, a former state executioner turned death penalty abolitionist. He told me that for people who carry out the death penalty, the real, enduring cost is emotional. “If I had known what I’d have to go through as an executioner, I wouldn’t have done it. It took a lot out of me to do it. You can’t tell me I can take the life of people and go home and be normal.”

The Whistle Stop Food Guide To Bangkok

Bangkok is paradise for a food lover. You can't cross a street without the aroma of frying garlic and chillies drawing you in, or smoke pouring from a street grill hitting your nose. Everywhere you go there's a new temptation, whether it's spicy papaya salad, fragrant coconut milk curry or traditional roti pancakes sizzling away. You could spend weeks wandering these chaotic streets and barely scratch the culinary surface of this city, but many people only spend a few days in Bangkok. If you're

A Solo Traveler's Guide to Guatemala City

Guatemala’s beauty and culture have long made it a popular destination, and touristy places like Antigua, Lake Atitlan and Flores are common stop-offs for solo travelers. Guatemala City is a different matter altogether. Its sheer size and much-debated crime rate deter many independent travellers from visiting, but with the right know-how there’s no reason to skip the capital. Here’s the solo traveler’s guide to Guatemala City.

This Fiji Resort Leads the Way in Sustainable Travel

With its warm, turquoise waters, gently undulating palm trees and sunny climate, it's not hard to see why Fiji is such a popular travel destination. This group of islands in the South Pacific encapsulates the idea of tropical paradise and today over a quarter of the economy stems from travel. While the economic benefits of such booming tourism are great, the ecological drawbacks can be even greater. Increased tourism means increased greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste management. Climate change is having a palpable effect on Fiji, and dismissal of globing warming just doesn't wash in a country where you can literally see it happening.

Mission Impossible: How A Vegan Burger Is Changing The World

Even for the most ardent meat-eaters, the recent growth of the vegan movement has been hard to ignore. The US has seen a 600% rise in veganism since 2014, while in the UK it’s a little lower – a ‘humble’ . But for many people, no matter how much they respect the principles of a plant-based diet, the idea of giving up a big, juicy burger remains inconceivable. Enter the Impossible Burger – a patty that looks, smells, tastes, feels and even ‘bleeds’ like a classic beef burger… with one major difference. It’s made entirely out of plants.

In Search Of Vegetarian Food In Mexico

The best thing about traveling is eating. There’s no better way to appreciate a different country and its culture than to tuck into the national dishes, and for most people, sampling the local cuisine is one of the things they look forward to most about exploring a new place. But if you’re vegetarian, things aren’t always so easy. As a Brit, I’m pretty spoiled for choice for meat-free dishes when eating out, but experience tells me things are very different abroad. But times are changing.
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